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Welcome to Re:Plenish - Refillery & Retail

Welcome to Re:Plenish - Refillery & Retail

Welcome to Re:Plenish - Refillery & RetailWelcome to Re:Plenish - Refillery & Retail

Supplier Spotlight

Green Cricket


Green Cricket was created by Susan Mea, after her daughter was reacting to ingredients from everyday body and household cleaning products. This led to the creation of products that are free of harsh chemicals and made with natural ingredients. Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, this Canadian company’s products are free from phosphates, parabens, petrochemical by-products, mineral oils, and other harmful ingredients. 

Oneka Elements


Oneka’s founders, Philippe Choiniere and Stacey Lecuyer, work with the environment to create natural personal care products. They are passionate about sustainability and successfully achieve that by using their organic farm to grow the ingredients that go into their shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel. Located in Frelighsburg, Quebec, this company is based on permaculture principles which asks for a completely sustainable design. 

No Tox Life


No Tox Life is a family-run woman-owned business based in Los Angeles. Each product is handmade, natural, vegan and toxin-free. Passionate about the non-toxic lifestyle, the co-founders wanted to make truly natural products that are made with gentle and sustainable ingredients. Even the shipping is plastic-free! They reuse boxes, use recycled paper and paper tape.

Meow Meow Tweet


Meow Meow Tweet is a small New York business that creates vegan skin care products. These products are made with organic ingredients and wild-crafted botanicals. It is Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified. The packaging is either compostable or in reusable containers, and the illustrations are designed by one of the co-founders!

Dans Le Sac


Laurie and Stéphanie are passionate about the environment and they launched Dans Le Sac to bring about positive change. Based in Quebec, their handmade mesh produce bags are made from cotton which stems from organic farming. Not only do their offer eco-friendly products, they also have a blog with DIY recipes and other lifestyle necessities. 



Luumi offers eco-friendly platinum silicone products. Their silicone products are a sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic containers. Silicone is made from sand, not plastic, and Luumi uses platinum silicone which is the cleanest form. Luumi products can be baked, boiled, frozen and refrigerated. They recommend hand cleaning, but they are also dishwasher safe, making them a convenient alternative. 



Ecoroots is a small business set in Colorado. The founders believe in environmental change by creating products free of plastic that will make a positive impact. They have ethical products that are sustainably sourced. From packaging and shipping to giving back, this brand firmly believes in the zero waste lifestyle. 

Change Toothpaste


Change Toothpaste was created by Damien and Mike right here in Edmonton! After realizing how wasteful toothpaste tubes are, they created a toothpaste tablet that is zero waste. These tablets were created with the approval of a dentist and they are free of any harsh chemicals. They are made with no gluten, dairy, nuts or soy and they are vegan. They are simple to use: just bite down on the tablet a couple times and brush!

The Future is Bamboo


The Future is Bamboo is a company from Quebec that believes in zero waste made affordable. Their products use bamboo which is completely biodegradable and highly sustainable. They are cruelty-free and vegan, and they donate some of their profits to the Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. 



Made right here in Edmonton, Jack59's shampoo and conditioner bars are as zero waste as can be. The different bars cater to your hair needs. They are concentrated and last a long time. Just use the water in your hair to lather! Simple to use but luxurious for your hair.

Earth Warrior


Made right here in Edmonton in a zero waste studio, these products are reusable and are a great alternative to plastic cutlery, plastic straws and paper towels. Katrina, the owner of Earth Warrior, believes in reusing fabric while creating useful and reusable products.

Hope Podz


Hope Podz come to us from Vancouver, BC by a young team of entrepreneurs. They have created a completely soluble pod made out of polyvinyl alcohol that is non-toxic. You just pop the pod into your bottle, shake, and the pod dissolves into either glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner or bathroom cleaner. Not only are these pods cruelty-free but they are Green Seal certified as they are completely biodegradable and healthy for the planet.

Supplier Spotlight



PATCH is an Australian company that creates natural bamboo adhesive bandages. They use 100% organic bamboo fibre to make biodegradable bandages for the most sensitive of skin. Using the natural healing properties of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil, these bandages offer a natural alternative to the usual bandages that use chemicals which can be harsh on the skin. You can feel good about this hypoallergenic and biodegradable alternative!

The Bare Home


The Bare Home believes in the refill revolution. From Ontario, The Bare Home makes home care products like laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, and cleaners that smell amazing and work even better. We’re excited to bring in such a beautiful and eco-sustainable brand to our refillery. 



TruEarth is a zero waste alternative for laundry detergent. Each strip is hypoallergenic, ultra concentrated and pre-measured. It works in all washing machines. TruEarth strips are eco friendly, vegan and biodegradable! Made in Vancouver, this detergent is also perfect for sensitive skin. 

Habitat Products


Habitat Products is an Edmonton brand that was created to offset plastic consumption. These handmade and plant-based products have compostable packaging and use organic essential oils for wonderful scents, based on the seasons.

Six Scents


Six Scents Home & Bath products are natural, organic, biodegradable and made purposefully. Every ingredient serves a purpose and every product was carefully created. Six Scents is based in Rochester, Alberta.

Victorian Grooming


Victorian Grooming is an Edmonton-based company that carefully researched how to make the best beard and grooming products. The products use a selection of natural base oils that leave your skin and beard looking and smelling amazing.