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Rechargeable Electric Lighter - Silver

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This sleek lighter is fully rechargeable, and comes with a micro USB cord. You will just need a wall adapter, or a power bar that fits the end port. It operates with an electrical current that runs between two nodes that pop out of the top of the lighter.

How it works:

  1. Turn on the power switch at the bottom of the lighter, the light will be blue once operational.

  2. The slide on the side of the unit operates the electrical current! When you slide it up, the nodes pop out of the top of the lighter.

  3. Push the slide all the way to the top, and the electrical current will run between the nodes!

  4. Place the nodes over the candle wick, and hold in place until the wick ignites.

  5. Be sure to turn off the power switch once done using!

Keep away from all children and small pets! Do not operate near water, charge near water, or store near water. Only recommended to use for lighting candles.