Textile Recycling Program

What is the textile recycling program?

Committed to reducing waste within our communities, we’ve partnered with Earth Warrior in an effort to curb fashion industry-generated waste through our Textile Recycling Program! Simply drop off the textiles you no longer use and we will collect them for recycling. 

How are the textiles recycled? 

After you drop off your textiles, they are sorted into different categories based on quality and usability. Categories include upcycling, recirculating garments with local charities for a second life, donating to local makers for their use, or sent to Blenderz Garmet Recylers who sell the garments by pound or in boxes to those who use the textile scraps. If the garments cannot be sent to any of these categories, they are then cut up into bits and pieces and used for stuffing in other maker’s projects. You can find more information on Earth Warrior’s site here

What items are the textiles used to make? 

  • Produce bags and pouches 
  • Bulk bags 
  • Cutlery to-go kits 
  • Unpaper towels 
  • Handkerchiefs and more

What textiles can be donated? 

  • Textiles that are clean and un-soiled 
  • Textiles with stains or holes
  • Bedsheets and bed linens are acceptable 
  • Excess fabric pieces and scraps 

What textiles cannot be donated? 

  • Textiles or garments that are not clean or soiled
  • Absolutely no undergarments or socks 
  • No furniture or pillows 
  • No shoes or footwear